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May 2007

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izabeachgirl in trans_review

You have to read it


To believe it.


I can't believe there are people in the world that are that narrowminded.

wow awesome

I like how they twist things or otherwise omit them to try to make some sort of argument

"H.R. 1592 is based upon a false premise: That there’s an epidemic of so-called “hate crimes” against homosexuals and drag queens that needs federal involvement for local law enforcement officials!

There is no epidemic of hate directed against homosexuals or drag queens! FBI statistics from 2005 show that there were only 1,171 cases of sexual orientation bias crimes that year. Of those, 301 are listed as intimidation – which is name-calling; 333 are listed as simple assault (pushing or shoving) and 177 were listed as aggravated assault (where bodily injury occurs)."

What the hell? ONLY 1,171 cases? That's over 3 a day.
I like how the numbers don't add up cause... what happened to the 360 people they didn't account for? Probably people who died due to the category of 'death' being left out. Notice how it's the biggest number too?

It's still almost 1 death a day per year.
And that's only the reported incidents.

That was ridiculous. And that is statistics for only the year 2005...

They can't be serious.

Re: wow awesome

heh. And that's only if you agree with their statistics. I wouldn't trust those guys at all. It wouldn't surprise me if they lied about the numbers.